AI for Web and Mobile Application Security Testing

High-Tech Bridge is a global provider of web and mobile Application Security Testing (AST) services.
Our award-winning ImmuniWeb® AI platform combines the genius of Human Intelligence
with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

ImmuniWeb® AI Platform

Machine Learning and AI for intelligent automation and
acceleration of application security testing

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Data Breaches
No single data breach reported
for web applications and
systems monitored by
ImmuniWeb® Continuous
Security Costs
On average, our customers reduce
their Application Security Testing
spending by 1,7 times with
ImmuniWeb® AI
Skills Shortage
On average, ImmuniWeb® AI
detects 2,4 times more
vulnerabilities twice faster
compared to other solutions
Regulatory Compliance
On average, ImmuniWeb® AI
discovers 94% more previously
unknown GDPR and PCI DSS
Routine Distraction
On average, ImmuniWeb® AI frees
up 2 days a week for cybersecurity
professionals previously busy with
routine tasks
False Positives
Since the very beginning of
ImmuniWeb® AI offering, 99.99% of
reported vulnerabilities were
confirmed by our customers
Threats Proactively
95% of vulnerabilities in new
code are reliably detected by
ImmuniWeb® Continuous the
same day as they appear
Attack Surface
Up to 80% of external applications
discovered by ImmuniWeb®
Discovery were abandoned,
unprotected and vulnerable
How We Help Technology Professionals Business Professionals
Spot & Test Application Changes

ImmuniWeb® Continuous provides continuous security monitoring
and just-in-time penetration testing of new code

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SC Awards Europe 2018
Gartner Cool Vendor 2017
Frost & Sullivan

ImmuniWeb® AI Platform Products

ImmuniWeb® Discovery
ImmuniWeb® Discovery Application Security Score Card
Web Mobile Cloud
ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite
ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite One-Time Mobile Infrastructure Audit
Mobile Backend
From $1,499
ImmuniWeb® On-Demand
ImmuniWeb® On-Demand One-Time Web Application Audit
Web Cloud
From $499
ImmuniWeb Continuous
ImmuniWeb® Continuous 24/7 Web Application Monitoring
Web Cloud
From $1,199
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Start with Your Application Security Scorecard

Start with ImmuniWeb® Discovery to:
  • Discover your external attack surface
  • Detect shadow and legacy applications
  • Spot vulnerable or outdated software
  • Get threat-aware risk scoring
  • Reveal compliance issues

FT 500 Application Security Report

  • 70% of FT 500 can find access to some of their
    websites being sold on Dark Web
  • 92% of external web applications have exploitable
    security flaws or weaknesses
  • 19% of the companies have external
    unprotected cloud storage
  • 2% of external web applications are
    properly protected with a WAF

Free Web Security Products

ImmuniWeb® Mobile App Scanner

Test security and privacy of your mobile application (iOS & Android), detect OWASP Mobile Top 10 and other weaknesses

ImmuniWeb® Trademark Monitor

Find cybersquatted, typo-squatted and phishing websites that may misuse your trademarks or spoof your brand and identity

ImmuniWeb® SSLScan

Test SSL/TLS security and implementation for compliance with PCI DSS requirements, HIPAA guidance and NIST guidelines

ImmuniWeb® WebScan

Test web server security hardening, implementation of Content Security Policy (CSP) and other HTTP security headers

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