Security Auditing,
Source Code Review
and Computer Forensics

High-Tech Bridge SA is a Swiss MSSP provider offering security auditing, source code review and computer forensics. Originally created as a security consulting boutique in 2007, High-Tech Bridge was later recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a leading service provider in the emerging European penetration testing market in 2012.

Security and Compliance Audit

Malware Reserved Engineering


Source Code Review

Source Code

Computer Forensics


Malware Reserved Engineering

Organizations face incremental need to assure their internal and external stakeholders that their data protection and privacy practices meet various international standards, such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001 or NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

High-Tech Bridge has over a decade of experience in security auditing of organizations of all sizes. Our reports are composed of a technical part, tailored for cybersecurity professionals, and an executive summary for the management.

Custom Exploit Development

Software always contains security vulnerabilities and weaknesses that lead to data breaches. This is why many security standards and frameworks require obligatory source code review in addition to vulnerability scanning.

High-Tech Bridge experts combine manual and automated Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tools to discover all possible security vulnerabilities, weaknesses and misconfigurations.

Digital Forensics Consulting

Security incidents happen all the time, coming both from internal and external threat actors. To understand the scope and the consequences of a security incident, digital forensics of a compromised device is required.

High-Tech Bridge has a solid experience in investigating hacked mobile and computer devices. We provide a detailed, time-based report about the incident, explaining activities of the cybercriminals or insiders.

Recognized Provider
of Information Security since 2007

Frost & Sullivan

A White Paper “Emerging Threats Emphasise The Need For Holistic Assessments” by Frost & Sullivan recognized High-Tech Bridge as a leading security provider on the European market in 2014, when many modern market leaders
have not existed yet.

High-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab

High-Tech Bridge’s security experts have helped dozens of software companies, including the largest vendors such as Microsoft, to fix security vulnerabilities in their products.