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286 software vendors have fixed 926 vulnerabilities in their products thanks to High-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab.

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2014 Q1: 87%2013 Q2: 92%
2013 Q4: 67%2013 Q1: 100%
2013 Q3: 77%2012 Q4: 68%

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2013 Q4: 8 days 2013 Q1: 13 days
2013 Q3: 13 days 2012 Q4: 26 days
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Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in Duplicator WordPress Plugin Advisory ID: HTB23162
Last Change: July 24, 2013
CVE Reference: CVE-2013-4625
Vulnerable Version: 0.4.4
Risk Level: Low

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in Magnolia CMS Advisory ID: HTB23163
Last Change: July 24, 2013
CVE Reference: CVE-2013-4759
Vulnerable Version: 4.5.7, 4.5.8, 4.5.9, 5.0 and 5.0.1 Community Edition
Risk Level: Medium

XSS Vulnerabilities in OpenCms Advisory ID: HTB23160
Last Change: July 17, 2013
CVE Reference: CVE-2013-4600
Vulnerable Version: 8.5.1
Risk Level: Medium

Multiple Vulnerabilities in OpenX Advisory ID: HTB23155
Last Change: July 3, 2013
CVE References: CVE-2013-3514
Vulnerable Version: 2.8.10
Risk Level: High

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Kasseler CMS Advisory ID: HTB23158
Last Change: July 3, 2013
CVE References: CVE-2013-3727
Vulnerable Version: 2 r1223
Risk Level: Medium

Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities in Xaraya Advisory ID: HTB23156
Last Change: June 26, 2013
CVE Reference: CVE-2013-3639
Vulnerable Version: 2.4.0-b1
Risk Level: Low

SQL Injection in Dolphin Advisory ID: HTB23157
Last Change: June 12, 2013
CVE Reference: CVE-2013-3638
Vulnerable Version: 7.1.2
Risk Level: Medium

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Jojo CMS Advisory ID: HTB23153
Last Change: May 15, 2013
CVE References: CVE-2013-3081
Vulnerable Version: 1.2
Risk Level: Medium

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Exponent CMS Advisory ID: HTB23154
Last Change: May 15, 2013
CVE References: CVE-2013-3294
Vulnerable Version: 2.2.0 beta 3
Risk Level: High

Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) in UMI.CMS Advisory ID: HTB23151
Last Change: May 8, 2013
CVE Reference: CVE-2013-2754
Vulnerable Version: 2.9
Risk Level: Medium