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High-Tech Bridge Security Advisories

Almost every week High-Tech Bridge's security experts discover new vulnerabilities in popular software, helping software companies and vendors to improve security and reliability of their products. Above 300 major vendors fixed security vulnerabilities thanks to High-Tech Bridge's security advisories:

514 Security Advisories
323 Vendors
Released Patches
1012 Vulnerabilities


Remote Code Execution in Microweber Advisory ID: HTB23175
Last Change: October 16, 2013
CVE Reference: CVE-2013-5984
Vulnerable Version: 0.8
Risk Level: Critical

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in Feng Office Advisory ID: HTB23174
Last Change: October 9, 2013
CVE Reference: CVE-2013-5744
Vulnerable Version: 2.3.2-rc
Risk Level: Medium

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Gnew Advisory ID: HTB23171
Last Change: October 2, 2013
CVE References: CVE-2013-5639
Vulnerable Version: 2013.1
Risk Level: High

Remote Code Execution in GLPI Advisory ID: HTB23173
Last Change: October 2, 2013
CVE Reference: CVE-2013-5696
Vulnerable Version: 0.84.1
Risk Level: Critical

Multiple Vulnerabilities in X2CRM Advisory ID: HTB23172
Last Change: September 25, 2013
CVE References: CVE-2013-5692
Vulnerable Version: 3.4.1
Risk Level: High

SQL Injection in vtiger CRM Advisory ID: HTB23168
Last Change: September 23, 2013
CVE Reference: CVE-2013-5091
Vulnerable Version: 5.4.0
Risk Level: Medium

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in WikkaWiki Advisory ID: HTB23170
Last Change: September 11, 2013
CVE Reference: CVE-2013-5586
Vulnerable Version: 1.3.4
Risk Level: Medium

Improper Access Control in Collabtive Advisory ID: HTB23169
Last Change: August 28, 2013
CVE Reference: CVE-2013-5027
Vulnerable Version: 1.0
Risk Level: High

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in BackWPup WordPress Plugin Advisory ID: HTB23161
Last Change: August 21, 2013
CVE Reference: CVE-2013-4626
Vulnerable Version: 3.0.12
Risk Level: Low

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) in Twilight CMS Advisory ID: HTB23166
Last Change: August 21, 2013
CVE Reference: CVE-2013-4899
Vulnerable Version: 5.17
Risk Level: Medium