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High-Tech Bridge Security Blog

Has Microsoft really lost vital source code?
June 27, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Rumours swirl around significant leak of Windows 10 source code, with potentially serious results.

The biggest ransomware payment ever discovered
June 22, 2017 | Mark Mayne

FUD around ransomware suddenly gets real with one business making a single payment of more than $1m...

The politicisation of patching
June 20, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Can economic sanctions really improve the security landscape?

Revealed: Top 10 security technologies for 2017
June 15, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Gartner analysts flag up the key security buzzwords for the year - including OSS scanning in DevSecOps.

You’re probably hunting vulnerabilities wrong
June 13, 2017 | Mark Mayne

The majority of vulnerabilities are reported on the dark web, security sites and sources before official publication to the National Vulnerability Database, according to new research.

Why Infosecurity Europe 2017 was the place to be
June 9, 2017 | Mark Mayne

One of the key moments in the European security calendar, 2017’s show has been one for the record books.

WordPress insecurity - a curable condition?
June 6, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Security measures on the popular blogging platform are under the microscope - is there a solution to the rising compromises?

Cyber crime losses set to hit $8 trillion
June 1, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Cyber crime cost to businesses set to accelerate enormously, but mitigation relatively simple, according to new report.

The human fail factor – Wi-Fi and tech support
May 30, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Two reports find that 83 per cent of security staff spend time fixing general IT issues, while the risks of C-level execs being targeted via Wi-Fi have been assessed…

Network traffic can flag malware early
May 25, 2017 | Mark Mayne

A new study may be about to change the way we think about network defence