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Ransomware - behind the curtain
July 27, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Google study finds true extent of ransomware payments by painstakingly tracking transactions on the blockchain

More destructive malware imminent
July 25, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Companies not likely to get off lightly in future, as sophistication and ruthlessness increase

While you were watching ransomware...
July 20, 2017 | Mark Mayne

While everyone was worrying about ransomware, attackers successfully changed tactics and switched to adware.

Economic losses from cyber attack ‘akin to natural disaster’
July 18, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Not just a disaster for your data, a major attack could cost the global economy up to $120bn, according to new study.

Are applications really more secure today?
July 13, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Apparent good news as vulnerability counts fall, but response times are up and basic flaws still persist in vast numbers of apps...

Get real about cyber security, businesses warned
July 11, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Businesses need to avoid getting caught in common traps and becoming vulnerable to attack, says a BT and KPMG report

CIO response to ransomware - ‘meh’
July 6, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Only 50 per cent of CIOs plan to make changes to combat WannaCry or Petya/NotPetya attacks.

Immediate breach costs are dwarfed by long-term penalties
July 4, 2017 | Mark Mayne

European business must beware ‘slow-burn’ costs of attacks, says major insurer Lloyds of London.

NotPetya - another entirely predictable major incident?
June 29, 2017 | Mark Mayne

A new series of attacks has wrought havoc globally, shutting down hundreds of businesses, including Maersk, WPP, TNT, Mondelez, Cadburys, Russian steel and oil firms Evraz and Rosneft, Kiev airport and Chernobyls monitoring systems.

Has Microsoft really lost vital source code?
June 27, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Rumours swirl around significant leak of Windows 10 source code, with potentially serious results.