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High-Tech Bridge Security Blog

Application security market set to explode
May 23, 2017 | Mark Mayne

The application security market is set to heat up considerably over the coming years, according to new research.

Why experts believe malware is about to explode
May 18, 2017 | Mark Mayne

The recent massive ransomware attack could be just the beginning of a new wave of malware, and your business is under threat...

Eight things you should know about WannaCrypt
May 16, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Catastrophic, global ransomware attack closes hospitals and disrupts enterprise - eight things you need to know...

Do you need hacker insurance?
May 11, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Touted as the next big thing by the insurance industry, cyber insurance is coming to your peers – but should you take the plunge?

Hacked for free - the new status quo?
May 9, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Breakdown of new attack group shows it mainly uses free online tools in attacks, rather than bespoke malware

From free booters to $2.5m - the business of DDoS
May 4, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Businesses can now expect a bill of at least $2.5 million every time they become a DDoS victim, according to new research.

Criminals get busy while security sleeps…
May 2, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Ransomware attacks are up 50 per cent, while patching vulnerabilities still woefully inadequate, according to new report.

Why machine learning is the future of security
April 27, 2017 | Mark Mayne

As attack volumes increase exponentially, has the time for machines to take some of the strain finally come?

How exploits have become the hot ticket in town
April 25, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Exploiting software flaws has become extremely popular, with targeted attacks rocketing in the last 12 months…

How flawed are your DevOps cryptography practices?
April 20, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Majority of organisations fail to enforce vital cryptographic security measures in their DevOps environments.