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Mass router compromise takes out Deutsche Telekom customers December 1, 2016 | Mark Mayne

German government, consumers among collateral damage as bot router attack goes sour – 40m devices potentially vulnerable

What do the US Navy and Three phone owners have in common? November 29, 2016 | Mark Mayne

Report from Internet Society says 93 per cent of data breaches are preventable, and although spend is rising, the number of breaches is rising too. They argue that a lack of trust will be the result of ignoring the problem, which will significantly damage online enterprise.

More than a quarter of UK firms unprepared for cyber attacks November 24, 2016 | Mark Mayne

An alarming 26% of UK firms have no data protection in place, according to survey, while Three hack demonstrates some of the reasons why they should…

Machine learning in cybersecurity: the long road towards AI November 22, 2016 | Mark Mayne

There’s always plenty of buzz around AI, but does it even exist? We take a look at what the artificial neural network (ANN) of today tells us about the future…

NHS trusts failing on security November 17, 2016 | Mark Mayne

Investigation finds out of date SSL, insecure apps and a ‘postcode lottery’ on security spend across the UK just days after internal email test crashes entire NHS system.

Malware found on Amazon and Google cloud services November 15, 2016 | Mark Mayne

In-depth study claims that major business cloud providers are rife with malware - but what does this mean in practice, and how worried should we be?

Is banking security in trouble? November 10, 2016 | Mark Mayne

FCA watchdog speaks of concerns over banking security as Tesco Bank attack details emerge. Meanwhile Android banking Trojan’s spread through Adsense also hitting the headlines.

HTTPS usage continues to rise, but implementation still lags behind November 8, 2016 | Mark Mayne

More than half of pages loaded and two-thirds of total time spent by Chrome desktop users occur via HTTPS, says Google, but implementation not always perfect, as these figures show...

Name and shame cybersecurity: a gift for cybercriminals? November 8, 2016 | Ilia Kolochenko for CSO

Cybersecurity “name and shame” practice may significantly boost global cybercrime.

Google vs Microsoft spat reopens disclosure debate November 3, 2016 | Mark Mayne

The latest bug disclosure disagreement between the software giants has reopened the debate into the ethics of disclosure.