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How worried about app sec are you? February 23, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Vast majority of CISOs are concerned about app sec, while budgeting, staffing and environment all key additional fear factors...

Ransomware 2.0: Anatomy of an emerging multibillion business February 22, 2017 | Ilia Kolochenko for CSO

What to expect from and how to resist the fastest growing sector of cybercrime in 2017?

AV is dead! Long live AV… February 21, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Malware complexity, sophistication, volume and cavalier users are all eroding traditional Av’s effectiveness - does cognitive computing hold the key?

RSAC 2017: Chaos, digital weaponry and AI February 16, 2017 | Mark Mayne

One of the biggest events of the IT security year has yielded plenty of high-level debate, much of it impressively geopolitical, as well as extremely granular...

What’s hot at RSA 2017 – AI, devops, IoT and ransomware? February 14, 2017 | Mark Mayne

This week marks one of the hottest events in the security industry’s annual calendars - it’s RSA week. The now-seminal security event hits its 26th year in 2017, and it’s time to take stock of the state of security for the next 12 months.

Health apps could be a killer February 9, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Nearly half of NHS trusts scan internal apps for security-related defects only once a year, and huge number of Trusts have been compromised by ransomware, according to FOI requests

How much did you spend on bug bounties last year? February 7, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Probably much less than Google - the company's Vulnerability Rewards Program paid out £3m, a significant rise on the last two years.

Why Poker could be the future of AI in cybersecurity February 2, 2017 | Mark Mayne

A massive poker win of $1.7m has much to do with the certain future of IT security, big data and analytics, it turns out...

Sophisticated cyber attacks increase, while overall volume falls January 31, 2017 | Mark Mayne

NTT quarterly report highlights rise in sophistication but 35 per cent drop in overall attack volumes in Q4 2016

Thousands of UK sites haven’t patched serious Heartbleed SSL bug January 26, 2017 | Mark Mayne

New figures show vast numbers of websites are still vulnerable to the venerable Heartbleed bug