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High-Tech Bridge Security Blog

Application security set to drive security spend
August 17, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Gartner report predicts 7 per cent rise in spend, highlights application security and GDPR fears as major factors

Security breach detection times cut - but are we safer?
August 15, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Organisations with the ability to proactively detect and investigate incidents beating their peers - but is it enough?

AI and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity: a Survival Guide
August 14, 2017 | Ilia Kolochenko for CSO

Ask these questions to help distinguish between a promising machine learning technology and a marketing hype.

Website doors are still wide open to hackers
August 10, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Many company websites still contain critical vulnerabilities that criminals can use to carry out a variety of attacks, say researchers.

Will driverless cars ever be secure?
August 8, 2017 | Mark Mayne

UK Government releases security guidelines for smart cars, including secure software lifecycle, but do they go far enough to prevent vulnerabilities?

Will AI really be ‘weaponised’ next year?
August 3, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Survey finds that majority of cybersecurity experts believe AI will be used by attackers within 12 months

Best hacks and security tips from BlackHat and Defcon 2017
August 1, 2017 | Mark Mayne

From voting flaws to hash collisions, it’s been yet another vintage year for hacking revelations

Ransomware - behind the curtain
July 27, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Google study finds true extent of ransomware payments by painstakingly tracking transactions on the blockchain

More destructive malware imminent
July 25, 2017 | Mark Mayne

Companies not likely to get off lightly in future, as sophistication and ruthlessness increase

While you were watching ransomware...
July 20, 2017 | Mark Mayne

While everyone was worrying about ransomware, attackers successfully changed tactics and switched to adware.