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Frontal Attacks - From basic compromise to Advanced Persistent Threat

Friday, September 16, 2011 By

Author: Frédéric BOURLA, Head of Ethical Hacking Department at High-Tech Bridge SA

Nowadays, there is a renewed interest in server-side attacks for hackers. According to SANS, attacks against web applications constitute more than 60% of the total attack attempts observed on the Internet. Victims may be the website owners (e.g. intellectual property theft or loss of customer confidence), their clients (e.g. bank transfer fraud or identity theft) as well as any Internet user, since web application vulnerabilities are now widely exploited to convert trusted websites into malicious ones, thus serving client-side exploits contents to Internet users. This document addresses the major threats which face today's companies, from database exfiltration in DMZ to the Advanced Persistent Threats recently undergone in many international organizations.

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