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Thanks to the research on Machine Learning, High-Tech Bridge is the most innovative player on the Application Security Testing marketplace.


Started in 2007 as a vendor-independent penetration testing boutique, today High-Tech Bridge is a global provider of web and mobile application security testing as a service.

Over five years of research in application security and machine learning, corroborated by continuous practice of security testing, permitted us to create a unique Application Security Testing (AST) technology.

Our award-winning application security testing platform ImmuniWeb® provides companies, governments and multinational organizations from over 40 countries with the most sophisticated application security testing, security monitoring and compliance. ImmuniWeb is a part of PwC TVM Framework trusted by global companies in over 158 countries.

Our Technology Alliance Partnerships (TAP) with the leaders of cybersecurity industry provide our customers with joint solutions to address their cybersecurity risks and challenges in a simple and cost-effective manner.


At High-Tech Bridge, we believe that information security shall be both efficient and effective. Our mission is to help companies identify, assess, prioritize and properly mitigate cybersecurity risks in a comprehensive, holistic and cost-efficient manner.


High-Tech Bridge is a CREST accredited company. The accreditation provides a reliable assurance that High-Tech Bridge’s technical and business processes and procedures are reliable and trustworthy, and are compatible with the highest standards of confidentiality, integrity, regulatory compliance and ethics.

High-Tech Bridge's financial records and accounts are audited by KPMG Switzerland.

High-Tech Bridge SA's liability insurance is 5'000'000 CHF (five million Swiss francs) insured by Zurich Insurance Group.


High-Tech Bridge is an ISO 27001:2013 certified company. The certification assures confidentiality of our customers' data, business continuity and compliance with information security management best-practices. Yearly compliance audits are performed by SGS.