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Ethical Hacking by Penetration Testing

The Importance of Ethical Hacking: Emerging Threats Emphasise Need for Holistic Assessments, Says Frost & Sullivan

Ethical hacking is a preventive approach to information security: you try to break into your own system to test how secure it is, and how reactive your security specialists are.

Ethical hacking is similar to car industry crash tests - it is impossible to verify how well an airbag in your car will work without conducting a simulated accident in laboratory. Should an airbag fail to work properly during a real accident it will be already too late to take a corrective action.

High-Tech Bridge is a leading Swiss company, based in Geneva, providing information security services such as ethical hacking by penetration testing. Entirely vendor and product independent, we are committed to delivering the highest quality of service to our clients.

Frost & Sullivan recommends that customers invest in annual ethical hacking assessments by leading companies such as High-Tech Bridge
Our ethical hacking services include multiple types of manual penetration tests:

  • External Penetration Testing - attacks on DMZ and front-side servers, attacks on web applications and websites, War Dialing and attacks on PABX, external physical security verification (intrusion to cables and wireless network from the outside).

  • Internal Penetration Testing - attacks on client-side applications, Trojan horse infiltration to by-pass existing protection mechanisms, malicious employee/insider behavior simulation, access to malicious or unauthorized content simulation, social engineering and phishing attacks.

  • Hybrid Penetration Testing - simulation of lost or stolen portable and mobile devices, attacks from trusted networks, attacks on wireless networks and mobile communication channels, attacks on corporate smartphones.

Ethical Hacking Expertise

High-Tech Bridge’s security experts all hold multiple globally recognized information security and ethical hacking certifications. For each project we carefully select a number of our security auditors, matching their skills and experience to customer requirements – the customer also receives the CVs of each of the security auditors who will be working on the project.

Our customers can rest assured that we maintain the highest level of confidentiality for customer information and sensitive materials, High-Tech Bridge is an ISO 27001:2005 certified company.

High-Tech Bridge never outsources or subcontracts ethical hacking services so you can be sure that we will be the only team looking around your system. For more information about our legal and administrative structure, visit our corporate overview page.