ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite

ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite is a part of the ImmuniWeb AI Platform for Application Security. It combines our
award-winning Machine Learning and AI technology with scalable and cost-effective manual testing
for comprehensive mobile app and its backend security and privacy audit.

Turnkey Mobile Application Security Testing

Mobile Security Audit

Mobile Privacy Audit

Mobile Compliance Audit

Book and Personalize Assessment

Pick up a default package, or just mention any supplementary testing or reporting requirements, to be run on a date you schedule

Audit Your Mobile Application

Our SAST / DAST technology for mobile apps, paired with manual audit, reliably detects the most complex security and privacy flaws

Secure Your Mobile Backend

Our award-winning AI technology, enhanced by expert manual testing, reliably detects all known vulnerabilities in APIs and micro services

AI for Mobile Application Security and Privacy Testing

Mobile App Testing

Static, dynamic and interactive
security testing with SCA

Behavioral Analysis

Machine learning technology enhanced
with manual security testing

Security Testing

Manual security testing of
Web Services and APIs

False-Positives SLA

One single FP? Money back
contractual guarantee

Remediation Guidelines

Action-based remediation guidelines
tailored for your infrastructure

in a Few Clicks

No integration or installation costs,
just sign-up to start

Most Comprehensive Mobile Application Security Testing

Mobile Application Audit
  • OWASP Mobile Top 10
  • Software Composition Analysis
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Privacy Risks
Encryption & Privacy Testing
  • Confidential data leakage
  • Weak network encryption
Mobile Backend Audit
  • OWASP Top 10
  • CWE/SANS Top 25
  • PCI DSS 6.5.1-6.5.10
  • Business Logic Testing

ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite Packages

One package encompasses a mobiles application (iOS or Android) and its backend (APIs and micro services)

ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite SMBArmor CorporateCastle Corporate ProFort Knox
Mobile App Assessment
SAST/DAST Vulnerability Scanning? 24 hours 72 hours Unlimited
Manual Privacy & Security Audit? 4 hours 1 day 2 days
OWASP Top 10 Mobile Audit? Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Backend Assessment
OWASP Top 10 Audit? Yes Yes Yes
Software Composition Audit? Yes Yes Yes
PCI DSS Audit? Yes Yes
GDPR Audit? Yes Yes
SANS TOP 25 Audit? Yes
Assessment Report
Threat-Aware Report Writing? 4 hours 1 day 2 days
Zero False Positives SLA? Yes Yes Yes
CVE, CWE & CVSSv3 Compatible? Yes Yes Yes
per assessment
per assessment
per assessment

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ImmuniWeb® AI Platform Products

ImmuniWeb® Discovery
ImmuniWeb® Discovery Application Security Score Card
Web Mobile Cloud
ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite
ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite One-Time Mobile Infrastructure Audit
Mobile Backend
From $1,499
ImmuniWeb® On-Demand
ImmuniWeb® On-Demand One-Time Web Application Audit
Web Cloud
From $499
ImmuniWeb Continuous
ImmuniWeb® Continuous 24/7 Web Application Monitoring
Web Cloud
From $1,199 / month
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