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On-Demand Web Security Testing

Web Penetration Testing & Managed Vulnerability Scanning

ImmuniWeb Assessment Report
ImmuniWeb® assessment report groups vulnerabilities and weaknesses detected during manual penetration test and managed vulnerability scan. Every vulnerability entry is manually tested and written by security auditor. Manual report writing guarantees zero false-positives.
For each vulnerability we try to provide several customized solutions tailored for your web application and its environment. Our auditors carefully examine every vulnerability to suggest the most appropriate and efficient patching technique. Patching guidelines are written in straightforward and simple manner - you don't need to be a security professional in order to understand and implement them.
ImmuniWeb is certified as CVE, CWE and CVSS compatible. Each security vulnerability in the assessment report is provided with CVE-ID, CWE-ID, and CVSSv2 Base Score, making assessment results easily integrable with your current Vulnerability Management solutions.
ImmuniWeb® is CVE compatible ImmuniWeb® is CWE compatible ImmuniWeb® Security Assessment is CVSS Compatible
Action-based personalized solution

Zero false-positives guaranteed

Manually tested and crafted Exploit / PoC

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Eight working hours after your ImmuniWeb security assessment is completed you will be able to download an easily understandable and user-friendly report from the ImmuniWeb® Portal. The report may be securely stored on the Portal for up to 60 days, or immediately deleted upon download, based on your preference.
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