ImmuniWeb® AI Platform for Application Security

Reduce Attack Surface

We illuminate your shadow and legacy IT infrastructure before attackers do

Application security strategy starts with a holistic inventory of your applications and their components. One forgotten subdomain can ruin the integrity of your efforts by letting attackers in during their hunt for your crown jewels. Shadow and legacy applications abandoned since months or even years - are a low-hanging fruit for cybercriminals. We will help you eradicate them.

Discover every single external application attributable to your organization

With ImmuniWeb® Discovery, just enter your company name to launch a non-intrusive OSINT discovery, reconnaissance and fingerprinting of your external applications. We will thoroughly enumerate all web and mobile applications attributable to your organization, as well as web-based APIs and micro services, domain names, SSL certificates and unprotected cloud storage such as AWS S3 buckets. Once you have a global overview of your applicative assets, ImmuniWeb® Discovery AI can attribute Hackability and Attractiveness scores to each application by leveraging our Big Data and Machine Learning technology. How easily an application can be hacked? How eye-catching it is for cybercriminals? These questions are vital for an effective risk assessment and the subsequent risk mitigation plan.

Up to 80% of discovered applications were unknown and thus abandoned

Based on 2018 Quality Assurance questionnaire data of ImmuniWeb® AI customers

Absolute visibility across your applications, related risks, threats and vulnerabilities empower you to properly allocate resources and implement security controls in a timely manner. Role-based access to the discovery dashboard enables DevSecOps and CI/CD at your organization without unnecessary costs. Continuous monitoring of newly deployed applications or created domains proactively monitors the risks before attackers, or bug bounty hunters, will even notice the change.

Detect Threats Proactively

We enable your DevSecOps by instantly detecting and reliably testing any new code

The human factor and corporate silos are among well-known disruptors of cybersecurity, let alone proactive cybersecurity. Gartner’s CARTA [Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment] and DevSecOps are virtually impossible without smooth coordination among technical teams within an organization.

Start smart DevSecOps by fully automated detection and testing of new code

Our award-winning AI technology reliably detects any updated or new code deployed in production, test or development environments. The power of Big Data and Machine Learning permits us to differentiate between content and functionality changes, instantly spotting new code. The code is immediately tested for all known security flaws, and if necessary - enhanced by manual testing to detect the most sophisticated vulnerabilities and audit business logic. Flexible alerts and zero false-positives SLA ensure that once a vulnerable code or system appears somewhere, relevant people in your team will rapidly get informed. This proactive approach prevents human mistakes and ensures full automation of the security testing process.

95% of application vulnerabilities are detected the same day they appear

Based on 2018 Quality Assurance questionnaire data of ImmuniWeb® AI customers

One-click virtual patching capacities, actionable remediation guidance and 24/7 SOC at your service empower you to properly address security issues as soon as they arise. Integration with SIEM and bug trackers enables your security analysts and software engineers to analyze the findings in a threat-aware context and prevent them in the future.

Eliminate False Positives

We provide every customer with a zero false-positives and money-back guarantee

False positives not only require time-consuming verification and triage, but also distract technology professionals from more important tasks. In a course daily triage, you may unwittingly overlook a network anomaly disguising a sophisticated APT attack exfiltrating your crown jewels.

Get rid of false positives once and for all, or get your money back

Our award-winning AI technology provides every ImmuniWeb customer with a zero false-positives SLA. Moreover, a contractual moneyback guarantee is at your disposal might you find one single false positive in the report. Our technology is enhanced with scalable and thus cost-effective human intelligence when necessary. We meticulously verify every single finding to attain a 100% accuracy of reporting. Additionally, every vulnerability is accompanied with a CVSSv3 score and threat-aware risk score to reflect practical exploitability, availability of a patch and vulnerability exploitation in the wild.

99.99% of the reported vulnerabilities were confirmed by our customers

Based on 2018 Quality Assurance questionnaire data of ImmuniWeb® AI customers

Unlimited patch verification feature enables you to ascertain that each vulnerability is properly remediated and automatically notify your colleagues if a patch is bypassable or otherwise unreliable.

Reduce Routine Distraction

We take care of your routine tasks enabling you to concentrate on important ones

Stress and continuous distraction by redundant or insignificant tasks are well known to every technology professional. Application security issues often prevail among the long list of disruptors. We empower you to take care of truly important tasks, taking care of your application security challenges at once.

Forget once and for all about false positives triage and other routine tasks

We provide centralized security management and orchestration of all your web and mobile applications, web-based APIs and micro services, domain names, SSL certificates and cloud storage. Once a new code, application or subdomain goes into production, it is automatically tested for all possible security and privacy related issues. Our award-winning AI technology, enhanced with scalable and thus cost-efficient manual testing when necessary, virtually eliminates false negatives and provides a zero false-positives SLA. Customized remediation guidelines and technical live support alongside with reliable virtual patching help your developers and software engineers to address detected vulnerabilities in a simple, effective and timely manner. Scheduled patch verifications with agile alerts make continuous security monitoring and risk mitigation simple and efficient.

From 1 to 2.5 freed days per week for application security professionals

Based on 2018 Quality Assurance questionnaire data of ImmuniWeb® AI customers

Our technical support and SOC team are at your service for any inquiry 24/7 x 365. You will not have to waste your time anymore with customized scan profile creation, vulnerability verification, triage or patch management. We shift this DevSecOps and CI/CD burden on our shoulders and perform it with due excellence.

Prevent Data Breaches

We tackle the most important cybersecurity risks and threats to your organization

Data breaches may cost executives their jobs and cause tremendous financial losses to their organizations in incident recovery, subsequent legal actions and financial penalties imposed by regulators. All this not to mention long-term reputational damages of an unquantifiable nature. Most of the modern data breaches are attributable to insecure web systems and mobile applications.

Absolute visibility and comprehensive control replace uncertainty

ImmuniWeb® AI Platform empowers you to tackle application risks and threats in a scalable, cost-efficient and economically practical manner. Foremost, we illuminate your shadow and legacy applications hosted on premise or in the cloud that were forgotten or abandoned. Such applications are a low-hanging fruit for cybercriminals who easily penetrate unprotected and obsolete systems, harvesting your data and going further towards your crown jewels. We ensure you will have an absolute visibility across the integrity of your applicative assets to seasonably protect them and stop breaches.

Up to total elimination of application-related breaches in the last 12 months

Based on 2018 Quality Assurance questionnaire data of ImmuniWeb® AI customers

Our award-winning AI technology provides unbeatable price/quality ratio to proactively defend the ecosystem of your corporate applications and their components. We deliver serenity and peace of mind to our customers, enabling them to concentrate on sustainable business growth.

Reduce Security Costs

We help you building a risk-based, well-informing and cost-effective cybersecurity strategy

Skyrocketing cybersecurity spending is no silver bullet against globally proliferating data breaches. Moreover, organizations frequently spend money on redundant solutions that unnecessarily overcomplicate and ultimately fragilize their technology realm.

AI-powered platform to address all your application security needs

Without an elaborated plan, cybersecurity will inevitably fail, while a superficial plan is even more perilous and dangerous. We help build a well-informing and risk-based plan to implement a proactive, agile and cost-effective cybersecurity strategy tailored for your business needs. At our experience, at least one-third of total cybersecurity costs can be eliminated by a holistic organization of security processes, roles and responsibilities within an organization regardless of its size and industry niche.

Up to 170% cost reduction of application security testing costs

Based on 2018 Quality Assurance questionnaire data of ImmuniWeb® AI customers

Once risks are properly identified, assessed and prioritized, our Machine Learning and AI technology comes into the game. It enables intelligent automation of complicated processes that routinely require expensive and unscalable human time. We not only minimize your direct costs but provide your team with additional time for thoughtful and effective resolution of sophisticated tasks at no additional cost such as extra hours, personnel burnout or expensive third-party services.

Overcome Skills Shortage

We enable your team to concentrate on important tasks without being distracted

Virtually no company is exempt from the cybersecurity skills shortage today. Most of the concerned companies, however, do not really need to increase their security personnel in a considerable manner but to properly structure and organize their internal cybersecurity processes.

AI-powered platform frees up your IT team from redundant tasks

Modern cybersecurity professionals are endlessly distracted by insignificant tasks that can be automated without impact on their reliability and quality. Our award-winning AI technology wipes out ubiquitous waste of time on routine tasks and empowers your team to devote their skills and talents to strategic and highly complex projects where human intelligence is indispensable.

Up to 240% more OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities detected in twice less time

Based on 2018 Quality Assurance questionnaire data of ImmuniWeb® AI customers

We help build a proactive, risk-based and elastic approach to cybersecurity management that enables even small teams to deliver amazing results without hiring new employees for redundant roles.

Sustain Regulatory Compliance

We bring you visibility, continuous monitoring and instant detection of new threats

GDPR, Basel II, PCI DSS, FISMA, GLBA or HIPPA are just a few of regulatory standards most business executives are familiar with. Behind these well-known abbreviations there are many divergent purposes, goals and requirements. However, most of them impose similar common sense and coherent approach to corporate information security and privacy management.

Threat-aware application security, integrity and privacy monitoring 24/7

Continuous visibility across corporate digital assets and due protection of stored or processed information - are among the key priorities imposed by modern regulations, whether industry specific or national ones.

Zero unaddressed non-conformities during the last 12 months

Based on 2018 Quality Assurance questionnaire data of ImmuniWeb® AI customers

We facilitate Gartner’s CARTA approach: Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment. Our award-winning AI technology delivers agile and cost-effective continuous monitoring of new threats and risks, providing your team with a reliable solution to pierce through corporate silos. Once identified, we offer a wide set of economically practical ways to timely address the problems and implement sustainable solutions in full compliance with applicable regulatory standards, including international standards such as COBIT, ITIL and ISO 27001.

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