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High-Tech Bridge joins Online Trust Alliance

November 1, 2011

High-Tech Bridge joins Online Trust Alliance (OTA) as a General Member.

High-Tech Bridge SA joins Online Trust Alliance (OTA) as a General Member.

OTA's mission is to create an online trust community, promoting business practices and technologies to enhance consumer trust and the vitality of interactive marketing , ecommerce, governmental and online financial services.

OTA is the only global organization which represents the broad internet ecosystem supporting user choice and control, protection of critical infrastructure, privacy and data governance, promoting marketing best practices, balanced legislation, benchmark reporting, and self-governance. OTA is governed by a sectorial Board and Steering Committee and is a member of leading organizations committed to collaboration, law enforcement and data sharing including the Anti-Phishing Working Group, (APWG), Digital PhishNet, InfraGard, and the London Action Plan, (LAP).

This partnership will enable High-Tech Bridge to more efficiently promote the common goals and values of High-Tech Bridge and OTA, such as online trust, strong authentication and security, as well as allows High-Tech Bridge to cooperate closely with other OTA members.

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