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News and Press Releases

What’s your email security worth? 12 dollars and 50 cents according to Yahoo September 30, 2013
At High-Tech Bridge we decided to run a small experiment with Yahoo, a company that follows industry best-practices and encourages security researchers to report vulnerabilities they discover. Four XSS vulnerabilities affecting Yahoo website were discovered during the experiment.

Social networks: can robots violate user privacy? August 27, 2013
Recent news in the international media has revealed numerous Internet privacy concerns that definitely deserve attention and further investigation. We decided to conduct a simple technical experiment to verify how the 50 largest social networks, web services and free emails systems respect – or indeed abuse - the privacy of their users.

Exclusive First Look: ImmuniWeb® by High-Tech Bridge July 22, 2013
Today High-Tech Bridge is pleased to present the first technical review of ImmuniWeb® published on The Ethical Hacker Network portal that unveils algorithms and processes of how ImmuniWeb technology works.

Web Application Security: HTB Security Research Lab Q1/Q2 2013 Statistics July 17, 2013
High-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab is pleased to present its statistics on web application security for the first half of 2013.

ImmuniWeb® Web Security Assessment SaaS is certified CVE and CWE Compatible July 2, 2013
High-Tech Bridge is pleased to announce that its innovative web application security assessment SaaS solution ImmuniWeb® has successfully obtained CVE and CWE Compatibility certifications from MITRE.

High-Tech Bridge Named a Top Trusted Website in OTA’s 2013 Online Trust Honor Roll June 5, 2013
High-Tech Bridge announced it has been named to the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) 2013 Online Trust Honor Roll.

Web Security: High-Tech Bridge launches ImmuniWeb® Beta May 15, 2013
High-Tech Bridge is pleased to launch ImmuniWeb® Beta, which is now available to all holders of Invite Codes.

Web Application Security Becomes Simple: ImmuniWeb® sales start in two weeks May 1, 2013
High-Tech Bridge is pleased to announce that sales of its new web application security service ImmuniWeb® will start on the 15th of May 2013.

High-Tech Bridge announces new Advisory Board members January 23, 2013
For the beginning of 2013 High-Tech Bridge announces new Advisory Board members.

High-Tech Bridge to partner with Open Security Foundation December 20, 2012
High-Tech Bridge is pleased to announce its partnership with the Open Security Foundation (OSF) and Open Security Vulnerability Database (OSVDB) in particular.