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“Frost & Sullivan recommends that customers invest in annual ethical hacking assessments by leading companies such as High-Tech Bridge”


Headquartered in the Geneva, Switzerland, High-Tech Bridge provides companies with vendor and product independent information security services, mainly with penetration testing, security auditing, best-practice and compliance consulting.

High-Tech Bridge also operates award-winning on-demand web application penetration testing ImmuniWeb®.


High-Tech Bridge’s mission is to secure companies and organizations worldwide by providing them with efficient and effective information security services and solutions that are totally vendor and product independent.

Our role is to guide our customers though the hostile world of information security and to help identify, prioritize and properly mitigate their cyber risks.


Established in 2007 with just two employees, High-Tech Bridge has grown to now employ 25+ employees and serve 250+ large multinational customers from financial, industrial, telecom and luxury sectors.

In 2012, analyst firm Frost & Sullivan recognized High-Tech Bridge as one of the market leading service providers in the ethical hacking industry. High-Tech Bridge also received the prestigious Online Trust Alliance Honor Roll award in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

In 2013 High-Tech Bridge introduced the concept of hybrid web application security testing with the launch of ImmuniWeb. Later ImmuniWeb has been adopted as part of the UN International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) toolset for ensuring that the governmental websites of ITU Member States are secure. ImmuniWeb, is both CVE and CWE compatible.

In 2015 Frost & Sullivan's Market Insight, dedicated to web application security assessment market, named ImmuniWeb "the most advanced hybrid on-demand web penetration testing SaaS".


ISO 27001 High-Tech Bridge is an ISO 27001 certified company. The certification assures absolute confidentiality, secure storage and transfer of any data related to our customers, proper corporate risk analysis and internal business continuity. Yearly compliance audits are performed by SGS certification authority.

High-Tech Bridge never keeps any customer related information after project termination. Any customer related data is permanently deleted after being transmitted to the client. All High-Tech Bridge's employees are under strict confidentiality agreements.

To protect our customers privacy, no customer lists are publicly exposed. References for a specific industry or business niche are available upon demand after prior approval has been gained from the existing customers.


High-Tech Bridge SA is a privately held, organic-growth-oriented company. The entire share capital origin is Swiss and the controlling stake of shares is owned by private Swiss investors. A minority stake is distributed among the key employees of High-Tech Bridge to reinforce leadership and loyalty.

High-Tech Bridge SA’s nominal share capital is 4’000’000 CHF. High-Tech Bridge's financial records and accounts are regularly audited by external financial auditor "Fiduciaire de Rive SA" based in Geneva.

ITU - Global Cybersecurity Partnership
Online Trust Alliance (OTA)
Swiss Internet Security Alliance
Groupement de réviseurs bancaires