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Frost & Sullivan recommends that customers invest in annual ethical hacking assessments by leading companies such as High-Tech Bridge
Headquartered in the World Trade Center Geneva, Switzerland, High-Tech Bridge SA provides companies, governmental agencies and international organizations with cutting-edge information security services. Established in 2007 with just two employees, High-Tech Bridge has grown to now employ 25+ employees and serve 50+ customers on a recurrent basis, including our very first customer. In 2012, analyst firm Frost & Sullivan recognized High-Tech Bridge as one of the market leading service providers in the ethical hacking industry. High-Tech Bridge also received the prestigious Online Trust Alliance Honor Roll award in 2012 and again in 2013.
High-Tech Bridge is a leading provider of world-class information security services. The services most frequently required by our customers are:
In order to avoid any potential conflict of interest, High-Tech Bridge does not offer IT integration or installation services, nor does it resell security products or solutions.
Security Research
High-Tech Bridge's key priorities are research and innovation, so we have a dedicated Research and Development (R&D) department which brings together eminent security experts from different countries. These experts develop proprietary security and attacking techniques that are used to protect and assess our customers’ security levels.

High-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab is a non-profit unit of our R&D department dedicated to vulnerability research that is publicly available in the form of Security Advisories. HTB Security Advisories have successfully passed MITRE’s formal CVE and CWE Compatibility Processes and are CVE-Compatible and CWE-Compatible.

High-Tech Bridge is present among the leading technology companies that have CVE-ID for each of security advisory immediately upon publication. High-Tech Bridge is also among the top information security companies that have adopted CVSS standard.
ImmuniWeb® is a proprietary web application security assessment SaaS solution entirely developed and supported by High-Tech Bridge. It is a hybrid of automated vulnerability scanning by the cutting-edge ImmuniWeb® Security Scanner and manual web application penetration tests performed in parallel. ImmuniWeb® assessment can be ordered and configured online on ImmuniWeb® Portal in less than 15 minutes.

ImmuniWeb® is designed to make web application security simple, affordable and efficient by leveraging the strengths of automated vulnerability scanning combined with those of manual penetration testing. ImmuniWeb® is CVE and CWE compatible, and a Trade Mark of High-Tech Bridge registered in more than 40 countries.
Working with Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) as well as FT Europe 500 companies means confidentiality is always a high priority for High-Tech Bridge. Non-Disclosure Agreements are signed with our customers as a prerequisite for forensics and auditing services. To protect our customers’ privacy, no customer lists are ever publicly produced.

References for a specific industry are available upon demand, but only after prior approval has been gained from any customers to be cited.
High-Tech Bridge never keeps any customer related information after project termination. Any customer related data is permanently deleted after being transmitted to the client. All High-Tech Bridge's employees are under strict confidentiality agreements.

Strong levels of internal information security, business continuity and data integrity are assured by our corporate ISO 27001:2005 certification. A yearly ISO 27001 audit is performed by SGS.
Executive Management
Advisory Board
Corporate Structure
Corporate Structure
Currently High-Tech Bridge SA employes 25+ worldwide
High-Tech Bridge is proud to be a member of globally recognized security organizations:
High-Tech Bridge SA is a privately held, organic-growth-oriented company. The entire share capital origin is Swiss and the controlling stake of shares is owned by private Swiss investors. A minority stake is distributed among the key employees of High-Tech Bridge to reinforce leadership and loyalty.
High-Tech Bridge SA’s nominal share capital is 4’000’000 CHF. High-Tech Bridge's financial records and accounts are regularly audited by external financial auditor "Fiduciaire de Rive SA" based in Geneva.
Sales Contacts
Tel: +41 22 560 68 41
Fax: +41 22 560 68 60