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Information Security Consulting, Auditing and Forensics

We firmly believe that infosec practice should be tangible: solving real business problems and mitigating risks that may impact the business.

We do this by delivering the services that our customers truly need to stay secure. In all our client work we strive for the highest quality and our position at the forefront of security research helps us deliver expert services and products that bring real added-value to our customers.

ImmuniWeb® Web Security

ImmuniWeb® on-demand web security testing combines PCI DSS compliant penetration testing with hybrid vulnerability scanning. The assessment process can be ordered and managed online 24/7.

Computer Forensics

Got hacked? We can help. Our forensics experts will thoroughly investigate the case in order to prepare a solid report that will explain who, when and how compromised your system.

Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing services help you to discover all sorts of vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your IT infrastructure, remediate them, and establish confidence in your information security.

Auditing & Consulting

Want to build a secure-by-design network, revise and validate you IT infrastructure, or make you company compliant with a modern security standard? Our experts are always ready to help!

Code Review

Want to make sure that your application is hacker-proof? Our source code review service that combines both manual and automated testing techniques is the right choice for you.

Training & Awareness

Professional on-demand training and educational seminars for end-users, IT specialists and software developers will minimize your risks and prevent the majority of security incidents.

Why Choose
High-Tech Bridge
as Your Security Partner

High-Tech Bridge considers every customer as a valuable long-term partner. Therefore our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction by delivering personalized world-class security services with immediate results and ROI.

The main benefits and competitive advantage High-Tech Bridge offers:


Our 4 million CHF share capital and 5 million CHF liability insurance guarantees corporate durability and minimizes any financial risks for our customers.


Both our corporate ISO 27001 certification and Swiss jurisdiction assure the highest privacy and confidentiality of any customer-related data.


300+ vendors, including Microsoft, IBM, Novell, McAfee, Sony, and HP fixed vulnerabilities in their products found by our researchers.


All our security services are totally vendor and product independent: we do not reseller or integrate any third-party products.


We are working with customers from more than 40 countries, delivering customized security services to companies of all sizes.


Our proprietary solutions and technologies, such as ImmuniWeb®, is the recipient of numerous prestigious global awards for innovation.