Penetration Testing & Computer Crime Forensics

Penetration test, or pentest, is a simulation of a hacker attack on your network, system, application or website and is used to discover existing vulnerabilities and weaknesses before hackers find and exploit them. We offer external and internal penetration testing by Black Box and White Box approach compatible with all modern security testing standards.
Computer forensics service helps you to understand who compromised your network, website or mobile phone, what really happened and which vulnerabilities were exploited during the intrusion. At the end of computer crime investigation process we deliver report with collected digital evidences accepted within European and US court systems.
Computer security audit is a measurable security assessment of your IT infrastructure that can cover network, user computers, servers, databases or applications. We perform manual and automated assessment depending on customer needs. Security audit includes revision of security policies and compliance with security standards such as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.

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Why choosing High-Tech Bridge as your security partner

High-Tech Bridge considers every customer as a valuable long-term partner. Therefore our goal is to maximize our customer’s satisfaction by delivering personalized world-class security services with immediate results and ROI. The main benefits and competitive advantage High-Tech Bridge offers:

Tailored security services and deliverables

At High-Tech Bridge we do not have one-size-fits-all templates for service offers or for reports and other deliverables. Every customer is unique and his business needs almost always vary. Therefore every project starts with a free analysis of customer business needs and ROI expected from the selected security service, no matter if it is penetration testing, security consulting or source code review. We are committed to make sure that every project adds-value to each customer's business.

Focus in pure Information Security

High-Tech Bridge is entirely dedicated to information security services, foremost amongst these are ethical hacking and penetration testing, computer forensics and security training. Unlike generalist companies on the market who offer all types of IT and security services, we focus our whole attention and direct all our effort towards continuous improvement in the information security domain.

Vendor and product independence

High-Tech Bridge is a totally vendor and product independent company that does not resell or integrate any third-party software or hardware. This principle permits us to guarantee objectivity and independence.

Largest scale of testing and technical expertise

High-Tech Bridge’s security auditors use practically all leading commercial and open-source security assessment products, as well as in-house tools that are based on our expertise and know-how. Almost every security expert at High-Tech Bridge has at least 10 years of experience working in the security industry and their knowledge is validated by numerous certifications, security research and publications. Our security testing services conform to globally recognized security standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001, OSTTMM, OWASP and others.


High-Tech Bridge is an ISO 27001 certified company, yearly compliance audits are performed by SGS. The certification assures absolute confidentiality, proper risk management and permanent business continuity. High-Tech Bridge assures customer privacy through various types of NDA, which have been validated by leading law firm "Schmidt, Jaton & Associés" of Geneva. The firm is also our legal advisor and representative.

Swiss neutrality

Being a Swiss company, High-Tech Bridge SA benefits from the economic and political neutrality of Switzerland. Our customers’ privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed by Swiss law. Headquartered in Geneva, High-Tech Bridge also benefits from the city’s international status and multi-cultural society, where the major international organizations have been based for many years.

International experience and global operations

High-Tech Bridge has customers in Europe, the United States, BRICs and the Middle East. This permits us to have global vision of information security needs and deliver the best quality of service to our clients. High-Tech Bridge is a member of world-wide security organizations, we stay connected with international information security communities to share and get new ideas and innovative security concepts.

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