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Best Practice IT Security Consulting Services

Security Consulting

High-Tech Bridge security experts are always ready to perform vendor-independent security consulting based on the industry’s best practices and security standards, as well as using our own corporate know-how and experience.

Security consulting services may be required during the following steps of any project:

  • Security Consulting during Project Planning

    Initiating security consulting at the very beginning of a project is the most reliable way to create secure-by-design infrastructure economically. Our security experts will analyze potential risks and cyber threats to your project, and propose efficient solutions to prevent the threats and minimize the risks.

  • Security Consulting during Project Implementation

    In this phase, High-Tech Bridge’s security consultants will assist you directly during the implementation of a project. We are always ready to help if you have a question, would just like to make sure that decisions made are the most appropriate or simply need an independent opinion.

  • Security Consulting during Project Review

    High-Tech Bridge’s security experts can also intervene for a final or regular review of your infrastructure’s security once it has been implemented.

High-Tech Bridge security experts have extensive experience in security consulting across a number of domains. Our experts have particular experience in:

  • System Hardening:
    • Operating System hardening
    • Access control and privilege segregation
    • Strong authentication implementation and management
    • Antivirus and firewall applications configuration
    • Web application security review and WAF modelling
  • Infrastructure Security:
    • Network design hardening
    • IDS/IPS integration and configuration
    • Honeypot installation, configuration and management
    • Logs secure storage and management
    • VPN and VoIP security
    • Encryption implementation
    • Physical access control
  • Compliance and Legal Issues:
    • Security Policy development and evaluation
    • Security standards (ISO 2700X, ITIL and PCI DSS, amongst others) compliance
    • Incident handling and response procedures
    • Legal consulting and assistance after a security incident
  • Secure Application Development:
    • Secure Programming guidelines implementation
    • Internal source code review procedures
  • Internal Processes Management:
    • Content filtering
    • Data Leakage Prevention
    • Auto-update procedures
    • Business Continuity modeling
    • Disaster Recovery modeling
    • Data Loss Prevention and Backup management
    • IT risks modeling and mitigation

High-Tech Bridge security experts hold all of the certifications required to assure you the highest quality of delivered expertise on each project.