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Security Training and Coaching

Security Training and Coaching

Cyber criminals are developing new attack techniques every day, therefore it is very important that your employees are aware of the latest cyber threats and arm them with the ability to resist these threats. To achieve this goal, High-Tech Bridge offers various types of customized security training and coaching which is designed to deliver immediate, effective results:

  • IT Security Training for IT Teams

    The training program for IT teams usually includes different ethical hacking and computer forensics topics which are aimed at demonstrating the latest hacking, anti-hacking and forensics techniques through practical experience.

  • Secure Coding Training for Developers

    The training program for software developers and programmers usually covers secure programming techniques and guidelines, such as OWASP or CERT Secure Coding Standards, accompanied with practical examples of vulnerabilities exploitation.

  • Information Security Training for Non-Technical Users

    The training program for non-technical users can be particularly valuable to top management, covering strategic information security management and risk mitigation, as well as for ordinary employees, focusing on basic information security topics such as phishing, social engineering and portable device attacks.

High-Tech Bridge offers a flexible range of security training programs in order to satisfy the needs of all our customers. High-Tech Bridge's security instructors usually conduct three types of training:

  • One to One IT Security Training

    One to One training is the most efficient approach as you have a professional security coach at your personal disposal. Every point of this training program is individually selected and customized to deliver the most accurate and efficient knowledge and skills transfer to the trainee.

  • Small Group IT Security Training Sessions

    Small Group training is the most popular coaching service at High-Tech Bridge and is designed for small groups of up to 10 participants. Suitable for all staff, from non-technical users to IT employees, Small Group coaching delegates benefit from team work, group brainstorming and the opportunity to discuss security issues in a secure environment.

  • Large Group IT Security Training Sessions

    Large Group training is an efficient way of explaining basic security topics, such as prevention of e-mail attacks, phishing, financial scams and others, rapidly to a large number of participants.

Coaching and training services are usually conducted in English and French, however other languages are also available upon demand. Training can be performed on-site or off-site at High-Tech Bridge’s conference rooms in Geneva (HQ).