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Security Auditing and Consulting

Security Audit

Auditing & Compliance

The main purpose of a security audit is to discover weak points in the architecture of your IT infrastructure. Penetration testing is not always enough to discover architectural weaknesses, such as update mechanisms, encryption strength, user management, or confidential data processing. Security Audit will properly identify all of them.

  • Our security audits help you ensure that threats to IT and business process are being properly addressed.
  • Security audits include mechanisms not covered by penetration test scope, such as security policy, safe storage and encryption.
  • High-Tech Bridge is trusted by the international organizations, banks and FT500 companies for IT security services.

What are the weak points in your corporate network that may lead to compromise of your data? Security audit will give you a clear reply to this question:

Main Steps of Security Evaluation

Security audit usually covers several or all elements from the list below:

  • Compliance with security and privacy standards
  • Network architecture, configuration and management
  • User authentication, segregation and access management
  • Updates and patches management
  • OS configuration, update and management
  • Local and group security policies management
  • System services and applications configuration
  • Antivirus, content-filtration and DLP management
  • Confidential data handling, storage and encryption
  • Backup configuration and management
  • Internal incident response framework
  • Business continuity framework
  • Physical security

Best Practice Security Consulting

Security Consulting

High-Tech Bridge security experts are always ready to perform vendor-independent security consulting based on the industry’s best practices and security standards, as well as using our own corporate know-how and experience.

On-demand security consulting may be required during the following steps of any IT project:

  • Security consulting during project planning

    Initiating security consulting at the very beginning of a project is the most reliable way to create secure-by-design infrastructure.

  • Security consulting during project implementation

    High-Tech Bridge’s security experts can assist you directly during the implementation of the project.

  • Security consulting during project review

    High-Tech Bridge’s security experts can also intervene for a final review of your infrastructure’s security once it has been implemented.

High-Tech Bridge security experts have extensive experience in security consulting across a number of domains. Our experts have particular experience in:

  • System Hardening:
    • Operating System hardening
    • Access control and privilege segregation
    • Strong authentication implementation and management
    • Antivirus and firewall applications configuration
    • Web application security review and WAF modelling
  • Infrastructure Security:
    • Network design hardening
    • IDS/IPS integration and configuration
    • Honeypot installation, configuration and management
    • Logs secure storage and management
    • VPN and VoIP security
    • Encryption implementation
    • Physical access control
  • Compliance and Legal Issues:
    • Security Policy development and evaluation
    • Security standards (ISO 2700X, ITIL and PCI DSS, amongst others) compliance
    • Incident handling and response procedures
    • Legal consulting and assistance after a security incident
  • Secure Application Development:
    • Secure Programming guidelines implementation
    • Internal source code review procedures
  • Internal Processes Management:
    • Content filtering
    • Data Leakage Prevention
    • Auto-update procedures
    • Business Continuity modeling
    • Disaster Recovery modeling
    • Data Loss Prevention and Backup management
    • IT risks modeling and mitigation

High-Tech Bridge security experts hold all of the certifications required to assure you the highest quality of delivered expertise on each project.