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On-Demand Web Security Testing

Web Penetration Testing & Hybrid Vulnerability Scanning

ImmuniWeb® combines automated web application assessment with manual penetration testing performed by experienced security auditors. Thanks to our hybrid security testing technology we detect the most complex vulnerabilities and guarantee zero false-positives in manually-written report.
ImmuniWeb’s simplicity enables even non-technical users to order and schedule a website penetration test in less than five minutes. Used by SMBs to large corporations, ImmuniWeb has been adopted as part of the UN ITU toolset for ensuring that the government websites of Member States are secure.
How ImmuniWeb works?
Manage and configure online
ImmuniWeb Portal is a simple and secure web interface to configure, schedule, and monitor your assessments in real time.
Detect OWASP Top Ten Risks
ImmuniWeb easily detects OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities, such as Cross-Site Scripting, SQL injections, and CSRF.
Identify Sophisticated Flaws
ImmuniWeb identifies the most complex Web 2.0, HTML5 and application logic vulnerabilities that are often missed by automated solutions.
Check Your Server Security
ImmuniWeb scans your web server for outdated or vulnerable software that may lead to your website compromise.
Discover Hacking Activities
ImmuniWeb Hacking Resource Monitor discovers all sorts of publicly exposed hacking and illicit activities against your website.
Validate SSL Encryption
ImmuniWeb carefully examines both your SSL certificate and server configuration for various misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.
Get Personalized Solutions
For each vulnerability ImmuniWeb report provides you with manually-written recommendation suited for your environment.
Assure Continuous Validation
ImmuniWeb Express package can also verify if all the vulnerabilities from a previous assessment were properly patched.
ImmuniWeb® Awards
Info Security
Products Guide 2015
Online Trust
Honor Roll 2014

Compare ImmuniWeb packages and get the best one for you

ImmuniWeb® Express

  • 3 hours of manual web penetration test
  • 8 hours of hybrid vulnerability scanning
    (no page limit)
  • Zero false-positives in report guaranteed
  • Customized solution for each vulnerability

299$ per assessment


  • 1 day of manual web penetration test
  • 12 hours of hybrid vulnerability scanning
    (no page limit)
  • Zero false-positives in report guaranteed
  • Customized solution for each vulnerability

990$ per assessment

ImmuniWeb® Corporate

  • 3 days of manual web penetration test
  • 72 hours of hybrid vulnerability scanning
    (no page limit)
  • Zero false-positives in report guaranteed
  • Customized solution for each vulnerability

2,590$ per assessment

ImmuniWeb® Corporate Pro

  • 5 days manual web penetration test
  • 120 hours of hybrid vulnerability scanning
    (no page limit)
  • Zero false-positives in report guaranteed
  • Customized solution for each vulnerability

3,990$ per assessment

Why Choose ImmuniWeb?
Preventive rather than reactive approach
Many security services that notify you about hacks, compromises, defacement, infection with a malware, or inclusion into various black lists react when it is already too late. Instead of informing you about irreparable damage to your business and reputation, ImmuniWeb prevents all these problems before they occur.
Prevention rather than reaction
Manual testing by experienced professionals
Manual testing by security experts
A major difference between ImmuniWeb and alternative web security testing solutions is that ImmuniWeb includes a manual penetration test performed by experienced security auditors. The provision of penetration testing bundled with vulnerability scanning in a fixed price package ensures the “best of both worlds” for organizations looking to check security while managing security spend.
Hybrid vulnerability scanning technology
Vulnerability scanning performed by ImmuniWeb is going on under thorough control of our penetration testing team. The penetration testers carefully guide the scanner during the assessment, optimization its performance and efficiency. The scanner is developed by our team of experienced software developers who instantly communicate with our penetration testers, helping them to optimize vulnerability detection algorithms and methodologies.
Hybrid vulnerability scanning technology
Manually-written actionable report
Manually-written actionable report
The ImmuniWeb assessment report provides you with a comprehensive overview of the current state of your website security. Your allocated security auditor carefully examines every vulnerability to suggest the most efficient patching technique appropriate for your business and technical environment. For each vulnerability discovered, we also provide you with a manually crafted and validated PoC or exploit.
Zero false-positives guaranteed
We guarantee zero false-positives in ImmuniWeb assessment report. We can do this because every ImmuniWeb report is manually written by professional penetration testers, who craft customized exploits, properly describe risk levels, and provide you with customized solutions for each vulnerability.
Zero false-positives guaranteed in the report
24/7 availability: pay and order online in just 5 minutes
Configure, schedule, pay and manage online
ImmuniWeb does not require you to organise meetings, make phone calls or sign any paper documents - the entire process is securely handled online 24/7/365. Simply provide the details of the web application or website you want to test, pay with a credit card or via PayPal, and security assessment will begin. Our professional support is at your service 24/7.
Testimonials and Customer References
The security assessment was extremely useful and highlighted some minor but interesting vulnerabilities on our web site that are being addressed.

Marco Obiso
Cybersecurity Coordinator
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

Represents a highly efficient, new generation solution for SMBs, offering speed, simplicity, cost-effectiveness and additional quality, afforded by the parallel manual penetration testing.

Alexander Michael
Director of ICT Consulting
Frost & Sullivan

ImmuniWeb significantly enhanced our vulnerability assessment capacity. It's an indispensable tool for continuous auditing of web based systems.

Viktor Polic
Chief Security Officer
Specialized Agency of The UN

What a business needs to secure itself against hackers is a trusted ex-hacker. Its new ImmuniWeb Security Assessment, 12 hours of automatic and manual penetration testing, is done online. It could be a business lifesaver.

Jonathan Margolis
Financial Times

ImmuniWeb® is easy to use – even starting an urgent penetration test via mobile - and it delivers excellent value for money. We will carry on using it.

Urs Schmid
Manor AG

What's cool is that the ImmuniWeb service isn't just a web vulnerability scanner. High-Tech Bridge also has a team of ethical hackers, with years of professional web security experience, manually attempting to penetrate websites, and searching for flaws and weaknesses.

Graham Cluley
Computer Security Expert,
Blogger and Public Speaker

Graham Cluley

Immuniweb is a great innovative service that brings unbeatable ROI. It is undoubtedly the best way to quickly and easily guarantee your customers that their data is safe with you - and yours too by the way! Efficient and effective!

Jean-Michel Beylard-Ozeroff
Head of IT

With its reasonable price tag and the combo approach to manual and automatic web application security testing, ImmuniWeb definitely has a bright future in the industry.

Berislav Kucan,
Director of Operations
Help Net Security and (IN)SECURE Magazine

ImmuniWeb Security Assessment combines the best of automated and manual website security testing and provides a valuable insight into website health.

Jason Slater
The Editor
Technology with Jason Slater

I am pleased to say that ImmuniWeb had a 100% detection rate for that test application. All vulnerabilities were successfully identified and reported. Cost is more than reasonable for what you are getting.

Bill Varhol

The Ethical Hacker Network