ImmuniWeb® AI Platform for Application Security Testing

ImmuniWeb® AI Platform leverages Machine Learning and AI for intelligent automation and acceleration of
Application Security Testing (AST). Complemented by scalable and cost-effective manual testing,
it detects the most sophisticated vulnerabilities and comes with a zero false-positives SLA.

Multilayer Application Security Testing (AST)
Testing Complexity
AI/ML & Scalable
Manual Testing
AI/ML for Intelligent
Proprietary AST Software
ImmuniWeb® AI Platform for AST
DevSecOps & S-SDLC Integration
ImmuniWeb® AI Dashboard
24/7 security and
integrity monitoring
Instant and reliable
vulnerability detection
Virtual patching and
remediation guidelines
Sustain compliance
What is it all about?

Enterprise Application Security Testing


No installation or product
training required


Suits all sizes and types of
applications / APIs


Unbeatable price compared to
penetration testing
How we are different?

Intelligent Application Security Testing

AI Technology

Intelligent automation of complicated
AST tasks and processes

Hybrid Approach

Scalable and cost-effective
human enhancement

Smart DevSecOps & CI/CD

Full automation of new code
detection and testing
What is our value proposition?

Cost-Efficient Application Security Testing

Zero False Positive SLA

Contractual Money-Back guarantee
for every client

Highest Vulnerability Coverage

Intelligent DAST, IAST & SCA technology
enhanced by human testing

Assisted Remediation

One-click virtual patching and tailored
remediation guidelines
What is our market positioning?

3rd Generation of Application Security Testing Solutions

Intelligent Automation
Quality of Testing
1st Generation
Web Vulnerability Scanners
Web Vulnerability Scanners
  • Great Scalability
  • False-Positives
  • False-Negatives
2nd Generation
Automated and Manual
Human Augmented SaaS
Human Augmented SaaS
  • Manual Verification
  • Manual Risk Scoring
  • False-Negatives
3rd Generation
ImmuniWeb Application Security Testing
Intelligent Automation
Enhanced by Human
  • Lowest Costs
  • Zero False-Positives SLA
  • Highest Vulnerability Coverage
Which technologies do we test?

Web, Mobile and API Security Testing

Internal and External Apps

Virtual Appliance technology for
internal applications testing

APIs and Web Services

Cognitive testing of complex
web services and SPA

Mobile Applications

SAST, DAST & IAST technology
for iOS and Android apps
What about known vulnerabilities?

Software Composition Analysis

Detect Open Source

Inventory of Open Source software
in your applications

Spot Known Vulnerabilities

Get alerts on vulnerable components
of your applications

Maintain Software Up2date

Get notice of outdated libraries,
frameworks and CMSs

Certified CVE-Compatible by MITRE

ImmuniWeb® AI Platform for application security is certified as CVE-Compatible by MITRE.
Our SCA technology comprises over 50,000 known vulnerabilities for Open Source and commercial web applications and is capable of fingerprinting over 1,000 web CMSs, libraries and frameworks.

How do we outperform web vulnerability scanners?

Highest Vulnerability Detection Rate with Zero False-Positives

OWASP Top 10 2017
Application Security Risks
Average Vulnerability Detection Rate
A1: Injection ?
A2: Broken Authentication ?
A3: Sensitive Data Exposure ?
A4: XML External Entities (XXE) ?
A5: Broken Access Control ?
A6: Security Misconfiguration ?
A7: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) ?
A8: Insecure Deserialization ?
A9: Components with Known Vulnerabilities ?
A10: Insufficient Logging & Monitoring ?
PCI DSS 6.5.1-6.5.10
Top 10 Application Security Risks
Average Vulnerability Detection Rate
6.5.1: Injection flaws ?
6.5.2: Buffer overflows ?
6.5.3: Insecure cryptographic storage ?
6.5.4: Insecure communications ?
6.5.5: Improper error handling ?
6.5.6: All high risk vulerabilities ?
6.5.7: Cross-site scripting (XSS) ?
6.5.8: Improper access control ?
6.5.9: Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) ?
6.5.10: Broken authentication ?
Web Vulnerability Scanners
Human Augmented SaaS
ImmuniWeb Application Security Testing
How do we outperform web penetration testing?

Unlimited Scalability, Continuity and Cost-Effectiveness

Capacities Web Penetration Testing ImmuniWeb Application Security Testing
Onsite Presence Yes No
Zero False-Positives Yes Yes
Cost-Effective Manual Testing No Yes
Continuous Security Monitoring No Yes
Just-in-Time Testing of New Code No Yes
One-Click Virtual Patching Capacities No Yes
24/7 x 365 SOC Team at Your Service No Yes
How to integrate into your SDLC?

Secure SDLC Management and Integration

Role-Based Access

Multiuser access and privilege management
via a web interface and API

DevSecOps & CI/CD

Real time monitoring of new code
and AST management

Virtual Patching

One-click to deploy a reliable virtual
patch for new vulnerabilities

WAF for One-Click Virtual Patching

Vulnerability Data Export and Integration

What is our product portfolio?

ImmuniWeb® AI Platform Products

Which product from the ImmuniWeb AI Platform is right for you?

Start here
ImmuniWeb® Discovery
ImmuniWeb® Discovery Application Security Score Card
Web Mobile Cloud
ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite
ImmuniWeb® MobileSuite One-Time Mobile Application Audit
Mobile Backend
From $1,499
ImmuniWeb® On-Demand
ImmuniWeb® On-Demand One-Time Web Application Audit
Web Cloud
From $499
ImmuniWeb Continuous
ImmuniWeb® Continuous 24/7 Web Application Monitoring
Web Cloud
From $1,199 / month
Must Have
What do our customers say?

Testimonials and Customer References

Table of Contents
  • What is it all about
  • How we are different
  • What is our value proposition
  • What is our market positioning
  • Which technologies do we test
  • What about known vulnerabilities
  • Compare with vulnerability scanners
  • Compare with penetration testing
  • How to integrate into your SDLC
  • What is our product portfolio
  • What do our customers say
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