ImmuniWeb® Continuous Application Security Testing

ImmuniWeb® Continuous is a part of the ImmuniWeb Application Security Testing Platform. It combines our
award-winning Machine Learning and AI technology with human intelligence for
24/7 security and integrity monitoring of web applications.

Select applications and customize
continuous security monitoring
Share access with your team to
DevSecOps dashboard
Receive instant SMS/email alerts
on new code & vulnerabilities
ImmuniWeb® Continuous Subscriptions
ImmuniWeb® Continuous Small Business Corporate Corporate Pro
Application* Size? Medium Large Very Large
Application Complexity? Medium High Very High
Application Change Frequency? Low Medium High
Instant Vulnerability Alerts? Email Email/SMS Email/SMS
Intelligent Penetration Testing? 1 day / month 3 days / month 5 days / month
Intelligent Vulnerability Scanning? 24 / 7 24 / 7 24 / 7
Code Integrity & Change Monitoring? 24 / 7 24 / 7 24 / 7
Software Composition Analysis [SCA]? Yes Yes Yes
Tailored Remediation Guidelines? Yes Yes Yes
Manual Patch Verification? Yes Yes Yes
Zero False-Positive SLA? Yes Yes Yes
WAF/SIEM Integration? Yes Yes Yes
IAST [on request]? Yes Yes Yes
Free API? Yes Yes Yes

* Application may consist of several (sub)domains

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