Illuminating your Shadow IT with ImmuniWeb® Discovery

ImmuniWeb® Discovery is a part of ImmuniWeb Application Security Testing Platform.
ImmuniWeb Discovery maintains a comprehensive inventory and classification of your external web and mobile applications.
Application Discovery
FREE discovery of public:
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Services
  • APIs
“By the year of 2020, one third of successful attacks experienced by enterprises will be on their shadow IT resources.” Gartner

Application Security Testing (AST) Lifecycle

Application Discovery and Inventory is a crucial first step of the Application Security Testing (AST) lifecycle. Comprehensive application discovery and accurate inventory significantly reduce application risks and AST costs.

Accurate Application Inventory with ImmuniWeb® Discovery

Just in a few clicks ImmuniWeb® Discovery can help with application discovery and further application inventory to skyrocket effectiveness of any existing AST solution.

Reduced AST Costs

Reduced attack surface, well-informed and
risk-based application security spending

Safe and Reliable

Non-intrusive discovery techniques
do not impact your systems

Web, Mobile Apps and APIs

Most comprehensive inventory of
your external applications

AST Lifecycle Integration

Application classification: data,
compliance and risk labeling

Quick Results

Just sign up on the Portal and
get the results in an hour

DevSecOps Enabled

Multiuser access to highly customizable
and user-friendly dashboard