ImmuniWeb® Discovery

ImmuniWeb® Discovery is a part of the ImmuniWeb AI Platform for Application Security. Leveraging Big Data
and a non-intrusive OSINT reconnaissance technology, it quickly builds a comprehensive list of your
external web and mobile apps, web services, domains and SSL certificates.

What is it all about?

Illuminate Your External Attack Surface

Just enter your company name and website to launch the discovery

Abandoned & Legacy
Web / Mobile Apps
Shadow Cloud Storage
& Unprotected APIs
Vulnerable CMS
& Applications
Expiring Domains
& SSL Certificates
Gartner says by the year of 2020, one third of successful attacks
experienced by enterprises will be on their shadow IT resources.
What is our deliverable?

Web and Mobile Application Security Scorecard

Which of your systems will cybercriminals target first? How fast they will get in?

Discover your external:
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • APIs & Web Services
  • Domains & Certificates
  • Public Cloud Storage
Measure Application Risks:
  • Hackability Score
  • Attractiveness Score
Sustain compliance with:
  • GDPR
  • Basel II
  • ITIL
What is our value proposition?

Absolute Visibility and Actionable Risk Scoring

ImmuniWeb® Discovery helps reduce application risks and get the best ROI from Application Security Testing (AST):

Quick Results

Just sign up on the Portal and
get the results in an hour

Safe and Reliable

Non-intrusive discovery techniques
do not impact your systems

Everything Visible

Comprehensive discovery of your
Web, Mobile Apps and APIs

Reduced Costs

Reduced attack surface, well-informed
and risk-based AST spending

Actionable Risk Scoring

Big Data and AI technology compute
Hackability and Attractiveness

Cloud Under Control

Detect unprotected Amazon S3 buckets
and other cloud storage
How to integrate into your SDLC?

Cost-Effective Start for Application Security Strategy

Application Security
Testing (AST) Lifecycle
Start with
ImmuniWeb® Discovery
Discovery & Inventory
Risk Assessment
Risk Mitigation Plan
Security Testing

Vendor-neutral Application Security Testing (AST) lifecycle

Which packages do we offer?

ImmuniWeb® Discovery Packages

First Discovery is offered for FREE
Non-Intrusive OSINT Discovery Discovery$49 Discovery AI$499
Public-Facing Web Applications? Yes Yes
Public-Facing Mobile Applications? Yes Yes
Public-Facing APIs & Web Services? Yes Yes
Unprotected Public Cloud Storage? Yes Yes
Domains & SSL Certificates? Yes Yes
WHOIS Records? Yes
AI Hackability Score? Yes
AI Attractiveness Score? Yes
What do our customers say?

Testimonials and Customer References

Table of Contents
  • What is it all about
  • What is our deliverable
  • What is our value proposition
  • How to integrate it into SDLC
  • Which packages do we offer
  • What do our customers say
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