ImmuniWeb® Application Discovery

ImmuniWeb® Discovery is a part of the ImmuniWeb AI Platform for Application Security. Leveraging big data
and a non-intrusive OSINT reconnaissance technology, it quickly builds a comprehensive list of your external
web and mobile apps for actionable inventory, continuous monitoring, risk and compliance management.

Application Security and Privacy Risks Become Visual

Vulnerable CMS
& Applications
Expiring Domains
& SSL Certificates
Abandoned Microservices
& Cloud Storage
Legacy & Shadow IT
Web Systems

Cost-Effective Start for Your Application Security Strategy

Discover your external:
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Services & APIs
  • Domains & Certificates
  • Public Cloud Storage
Sustain compliance with:
  • GDPR
  • Basel II
  • ITIL
Gartner says by the year of 2020, one third of successful attacks experienced by enterprises will
be on their shadow IT resources.

Comprehensive Application Discovery and Actionable Inventory

ImmuniWeb® Discovery helps reduce application risks and get the best ROI from Application Security Testing (AST):

Quick Results

Just sign up on the Portal and
get the results in an hour

Safe and Reliable

Non-intrusive discovery techniques
do not impact your systems

Web, Mobile Apps and APIs

Most comprehensive discovery of your
application infrastructure

Reduced AST Costs

Reduced attack surface, well-informed
and risk-based AST spending

Continuous Monitoring

Get instant alerts about new apps,
domains and related risks

Cloud Under Control

Detect unprotected Amazon S3 buckets
and other cloud storage

Well-Informed and Risk-Based Application Security Testing

Application Discovery and Inventory is a crucial first step of a vendor-neutral Application Security Testing (AST) lifecycle:

Application Security
Testing (AST) Lifecycle(TM)
Discovery &
Risk Assessment
Risk Mitigation Plan
Security Testing

ImmuniWeb® Discovery Packages

Which of your systems will cybercriminals target first? Just enter your company name to discover
risk-based external attackable surface of your organization.

ImmuniWeb® Discovery Discovery$49 Discovery AI$499
Discovery and Inventory
Web Applications? Yes Yes
Mobile Applications? Yes Yes
Web Services & APIs? Yes Yes
Domain & Certificates? Yes Yes
Public Cloud Storage? Yes Yes
Risk Assessment
Hackability Score? Yes
Attractiveness Score? Yes

First Discovery is offered for FREE

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